About Us


We are an integrated logistics company, created to guarantee a quick, efficient and high-quality service.

Our 14,000 m2 warehouse is fully equipped to load/unload and store goods, we offer outstanding logistics solutions while also providing traditional services such as cargo handling, packaging, assembling, labelling and quality control.

Managing the constant flow of large amounts of goods requires constant monitoring of everything that comes in and goes out of our warehouse. For this reason, we use an efficient logistics management system protected by firewall that guarantees security.
The ability to trace the location of the goods at any ongoing manufacturing stage at any time, allows us to optimise time and offer a timely and efficient service.

We offer storage, picking, spot contract logistics work and banding services, but our strong suit is the beverage sector. We are the largest warehouse in our sector in Northern Italy in terms of volume and we have 3 robots/labelling machines.

In the beverage sector we also offer an escrow agreement service. As escrow agents we act as intermediaries between two parties exchanging goods/funds.

Mission & Vision


Offering the best personalised logistics solutions for your business.


Anticipating the demand by offering a comprehensive range of services


  • Loading/unloading vehicles and containers
  • Storage and palletizing
  • Picking
  • Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Banding
  • Sticker Application


  • Smart operational solutions
  • Flexibility and personalisation
  • Increase of distributive efficiency
  • Optimization of logistics and production processes
  • Reliable and timely services
  • Maximum protection for goods and data


We guarantee our clients timely and efficient services and pay particular attention to the security of the goods we are entrusted with.


Montelog is the ideal partner for your logistics organization. We offer personalised services and solutions that make your work easier