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Escrow Explained

An escrow agreement defines the written guarantee arrangement between two parties by which one party deposits funds with a third person as a guarantee and the third person releases the funds once the specified conditions of the contract are met.

Escrow account

An escrow agreement is, by definition, an ancillary agreement as it acts as a guarantee for the main agreement.
In financial terms, an escrow agreement is a guarantee deposit adopted in international sales transactions by activating an escrow account used in connection with the flow of goods at the basis of the agreement between the parties.

Escrow Agreement Subjects


The person who deposits the asset object of the escrow agreement


The person who derives advantage and guarantee from the deposit

Depositary or Escrow Agent

A third person, a neutral middleman between Depositor and the Beneficiary, who holds the assets object of the agreement in trust and delivers them to the Beneficiary once the specified conditions of the contract are met (or otherwise returns them to the Depositor).

sicurezza deposito a garanzia
accordo di garanzia
accordo di garanzia

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